Programs offered at East Washington Elementary:
Accelerated Reader
East Washington Elementary uses the Accelerated Reader (AR) program to motivate students to read more and better books. AR is used by students who are currently in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade.
To use the AR program, the students read a book from the list of AR books that we have tests for, then tests his or her knowledge and comprehension of the book by answering multiple-choice questions on the computer. We currently have 6900 tests. AR books are designated on our library shelves by colored stickers on the spine. The computer handles all scoring and record keeping automatically and presents the student with a reading point score based on the number of correct responses, the reading level and the length of the book. Prizes are awarded to students who achieve their grade levels' reading point goals.
All AR students have an opportunity to earn STAR (Shoot Toward Accelerated Reading) T-shirts.

East Washington Elementary is a "C.L.A.S.S." school. C.L.A.S.S. stands for Connected Learning Assures Student Success. It is a national education program that incorporates the required state standards into the curriculum and also encourages teaching life skills and lifelong guidelines. These life skills and guidelines help students build good character both in and out of school.
C.L.A.S.S. teachers are aware of how students learn and provide learning activities to simulate student learning in all the "Body Smart" areas. Curriculum is written using a year-long theme and classrooms take on a home-like atmosphere (plants, lamps, curtains, etc.)

Four Blocks Literacy Model
  • Guided Reading - Exposes children to a wide range of literature experiences with a focus on building comprehension.
  • Self-selected Reading - Invites children to become lifelong readers through teacher read-alouds & opportunities to read self-selected books of their own level.
  • Writing - Develops children's writing skills through mini-lessons as well as focused & self-selected writing in a writer's workshop format.
  • Working with Words - Empowers children to read & spell words through interactive activities that will help them become good readers & spellers.
Community Business Partners
  • Eddie Gilstrap Motors, Salem, IN, donates one $100.00 prize. The $100.00 prize can be used for a bike or educational toy and is given to a student with perfect attendance each six weeks.
  • Wal-Mart, Scottsburg, IN, donates five $10.00 gift cards each six weeks to a student with perfect attendance for that grading period.
  • Dominos is donating 10 free medium pizzas for students with perfect attendance at each 6 weeks assembly. Domino's is also having Dough Raiser nights. On the third Tuesday of every month, Domino's will donate 20% of the money you spend to our school.
We appreciate the kindness of Eddie Gilstrap Motors, Wal-Mart, and Dominos. Thank you for your continued support and dedication for East Washington Elementary School!

EWES Mission

The mission for East Washington Elementary School is to teach the foundational skills for life-long learning so that our students are successful and motivated to learn at higher-levels.
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