Core Beliefs

We Believe In . . .

  • High Quality Learning: Teachers are the facilitators of student-centered learning. A variety of instructional strategies and learning activities are used at all levels in alignment with the Indiana Academic Standards. Additional support is given to students for curriculum mastery and enrichment.
  • Parents as Partners: Parents are a child's first teacher. Their input is invaluable as educational decisions are made for their child. Teachers and parents exchange information regularly utilizing various communication tools.
  • A Highly Skilled and Compassionate Staff: With student well-being as the highest priority, all members of the corporation have a unique role in student development. Staff goes beyond the academics to guide students through their emotional, social, and physical needs.
  • Accountability for All: Accountability for student success is shared by all corporation stakeholders: students are accountable for their daily choices and actions, parents are accountable for their child's attendance and school preparation, the community is responsible for supporting students and the schools through their words and actions, and school personnel are accountable for their work performance and professionalism.
  • Assessing for True Learning: A variety of assessments are used to measure student learning. Assessment tools are evaluated regularly to ensure validity. Assessment data drives instruction that improves student learning.
  • A Safe and Positive Learning Environment: Buildings are well-maintained and properly cared for on a daily basis. School Safety Plans are evaluated and updated regularly. A respectful environment is the expectation for all students, parents, teachers, and community for daily school operation.
  • Professional Development to Support Learning: Professional development is ongoing and is a recognized necessity to stay ahead in an ever-changing global society. The district is committed to providing meaningful professional growth opportunities to enhance student learning.